February 16, 2012

Feminist Movement

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Blog material is easy to come by, it’s just taking the time to sit down and write is the challenge. I attended NCBA in Nashville. It was an amazing convention and one of the speakers I listened to gave an astounding presentation (as in beat your head against the wall) on the Endanagered Species Act. SO next week tune in to get the dirt on this governmental idocracy of a program. Truth be told, I was going to write about it this week, but then I started watching television.
With the new married life, Dish Network now has a place in our home. I’m ashamed to admit it took me 31 years to be talked into satellite television in the casa, but it happened. Growing up with two stations, and a room full of books, it never seemed to be a necessity. Until I got married….
Ryan and I are home one night this week, watching tv. I had spent the morning feeding at the feedlot, the afternoon was spent with the planer, and working on equipment. I got home in time to make supper (or dinner to you city folk) and do some laundry. It was a long day, and battling a cold for the last week, made me worn out, and just a tad bit grouchy. So here we are watching “Survivor,” and drama happens…..they split the group into men versus women!!! Not usually a big deal….except the women can’t make a fire! Now I know a number of country girls, and I’m sure the first thing they would of thought of before going on a show like “Survivor” would be how to make fire. The next channel we turned to they were showing the third female that had fainted in the last two episodes, and the following channel was yet another rehash of Whitney Houston’s death. I was irritated, so much so I headed to the bookcase.
I usually have a short lived irritation level, but the next morning as I headed back to the feedlot, it was still on my mind. I pass grandma’s house every morning, and I thought those poor sorry females should take a lesson from my grandma. She is in her 80′s, follows the grandkids everywhere, took care of grandpa when he became sick with Parkinsons, raised six kids, never dealt with a substance abuse problem, raises a product that has fed thousands, donates to every organization that she believes in, can kill a mouse with her bare hands, holds heads while we tattoo at brandings, drives faster then me, never forgets a birthday, still goes to the salebarn, and can make an amazing lemon meringue pie.  She might not have the greatest singing voice, or wear a bandana as a swimsuit top, but she’s the type of person that I find iconic.  I’m going to stop and ask her on the way home…but I’m pretty sure she can start a fire.

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