January 4, 2012

The Year in Review

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New Years is a great time to reflect on the previous year and everything that has occurred. I have to say that 2011 was a little bit hectic and at moments very”Jac’d Up.” I was looking in the mirror the other day, and noticed what I thought was a gray hair, luckily the light had just caught a blonde one at an odd angle, but for the moment my stomach dropped. Course I thought about the Boss Man, and then I was grateful that I had hair…..

Anyways, I put together a list of what I learned this year. Granted there wasn’t enough space to write down all the “personal growth experiences” but I’ll do my best.

-Respect needs to be earned, but without credibilty you’ll never get respect.
-Its okay to put the banker and accountant on speed dial
-The more you talk, the more your jaw hurts
-Karma is a @$#%@
-Sometimes the Vet is just as knowledgable as the Doctor
-Grease under the nails is fine, but in a public setting, the glue on fake nails work great, and you can pop them off on the trip home
-Insult the shoes.. I’ll do the next best thing to get even…I”ll marry you
-When life gives you lemon, leave the vodka out of it
-Informing yourself is the greatest asset you can have.. and a great smile never hurts
-It’s okay to ask for help
-If manure is involved, keep the mouth shut
-Stick to your guns, but leave the gun at home
-It’s okay to not follow tradition…if you want to take 25 people on your honeymoon go for it
-An ice pack can be your best friend
-The truth almost always gets you out of a speeding ticket
-Friendships are treasured, no matter how eccentric they might seem
-It’s okay to speak up, even if you’re the minority
-Criticism can be constructive or damaging, it all depends on how you handle it
-If all else fells, step back, breathe, and think like a cow
-Sometimes the horse just needs to buck
-Shedding tears over animals just makes you human
-It’s okay to have one job that you refuse to do (I refuse to be the rear admiral when testing bulls)
-Say “thank you” and “you did a great job” and “I’m proud of you” every chance you get
-Being “neighborly” is important but if it’s not returned….just forget about it
-Being humble and having patience are huge virtues
-Even if the dog hides her head, its okay to sing at the top of your lungs
-Believe in God and his plan for you
-Always check the the hills before using the “public” restroom facilities
-Mice are disgusting little creatures
-Rolling around on the shop floor can be the greatest stress reliever
-Don’t tuck the pants into the muck boots when using the plasma cutter
-Try to be politically correct, if it doesn’t work, say what you really think…only behind closed doors..after beating your head against a wall
-Just because somebody influential sends you an email or leaves a voicemail…doesn’t mean its bad news
-Be proud of who you are and what you’ve become
-A bad relationship can lead to the greatest thing
-Listen to your heart, and head, and parents, and…..
-Be quick to forgive, and even quicker to help
-Just because they don’t agree with you doesn’t mean their an idiot….well…maybe….

I guess I did learn alot this last year, with all of that being said, hope everyone has a great 2012. May your rivers not flood, grass be green, and cows be fat!! Happy New Year!

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