November 23, 2011

NC Convention Around the Corner

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I have to admit this is not the first time that I have written a blog for the Midwest Producer and I don’t have a clue where I’m at. This is a regular occurrence in the Wilson household. The Boss Man’s wife has finally learned to no longer even ask. Well considering the Boss Man, Boss Man’s wife and 23 of our closest friends are with us I guess I’m not the only one that doesn’t have a clue where we are at.  We are flying above the Gulf of Mexico heading to the country of Costa Rica. I guess its time to spread the news that I finally found an amazing individual and we are getting hitched!!

Even though it has been an exciting time, I’m looking forward to when we return, (and no, that’s not to start the cooking lessons). I’m looking forward to the Nebraska Cattlemen Annual Convention. The Convention will take place Dec 7,8, and 9 in Kearney. I have belonged to a variety of organizations over my semi-short live. Some organizations I’ve learned, get so single item focused that they loose track of the big picture. Others put education above real world common sense and wisdom, and then there are THOSE. THOSE are the ones that belong to an organization for no other reason then “well, it’s just not the opposing group. Whatever the reasoning is, there is one cattle association in the state that I feel stands above and beyond that. I am a member of the Nebraska Cattlemen , and whether you are or not, I highly encourage everyone to come to the Annual Convention.

WHY? The number one reason to that question, is because things get done. If there is a policy that has come up through the system, that policy has the potential down the road to become a state law. Our staff of lobbyists not only understand the law, they understand the politics needed to get a bill onto the Governor’s desk. These policies that end up on his desk are policies that were established at Convention. Anyone can bring forth any reasonable idea, and in the end if the group comes together, it becomes a masterpiece. One thing that I appreciate the most about the organization is their ability to work on a variety of topics at any given time. A day in the office, might include an interview on antibiotic use, a change in DEQ permits, a question concerning fence lines, and an Anthrax outbreak. I think unless you are in the circle you don’t realize all of the work that is being done to allow you to do what is best and that is to provide a high quality product from the comforts of the farm/ranch. So, since the crops are out of the field, the relatives have left after sharing the dead bird. I encourage you all to come to the convention, you will be glad you did!!!

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