November 1, 2011

Welcome to Lesser America

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Welcome to the thriving metropolis of Lakeside, Nebraska, population…hold on a minute, I’m counting. Welcome to Lakeside, Nebraska population…16. Lakeside was named in 1887, and by the 1920′s it was home to a potash company, hotel, opera house, ice cream parlor, barber shop, cafe, bank, beer parlor, freezer plant, and pool hall. Today if the government and the public sector get their choice, it will not be home to much. In the last year this small little town located in the heart of a large ranching community in the Nebraska Sandhills is on the verge of losing both their elementary school and their post office. This problem plagues not only the small “podunk” town of Lakeside, but many rural communities across the U.S. My question is….when did rural America become lesser America??
Now before anyone gets their eartags crossed, hear me out. I understand the quality of life one receives when they live and work in rural America. Working around the clock in a array of weather with animals that are depending on you is not only a closeness to God that can’t be met, but its also an extremely satisfying lifestyle. All is peaceful in the countryside, then enters the vermin. Now the vermin comes in a variety of different forms, it might be the school board member at the other end of the county that is focused on “borrowing” the money that is given to your rural school to supplement the sports programs in his school, it might be the EPA employee that sees a little dust on a county road (and if anybody says the word “myth” in this part of the country…we take the hotshot to them), or it might be the governmental official that has never been “out west” but they think that our mail service won’t see a problem when they reroute it through Cheyenne (yep, as in Wyoming). The countryside puts up a fight, but its usually in vain, as the shear numbers just aren’t there.
It’s a domino effect that few are realizing is occurring. Take away the school, what family is going to want to move into a community? I can just see that interview. “Well, there is a school, but its a hour away.” It’s going to be a little difficult for the largest landowner in the community the Church of Latter Day Saints to convince families that they want to spend four hours on the “excellent” roads transporting kids to receive an education. Not to worry though, without a local post office vaccine is going to be late so a person has plenty of time to deliver those kiddies, instead of working those first-calf heifers. Wait though, it did say in the paper that school was going to be let out early which the kids would of said something, but they were sleeping in the truck, and the paper first had to be sent to a different state in order to get delivered.
Rural communities suffer when a business or entity closes down, ranches are sold, conservationism lacks, and the lifestyle becomes a passing gust of wind,yet it doesn’t seem to matter to those on Pennsylvania Avenue.
If you don’t feel like your doing enough. If ranching or farming doesn’t take up enough of your time. If traveling to town for groceries and keeping up on current regulations is a piece of cake. If you’ve told everyone your story. Then you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, help your rural neighbors out….send a letter or email on their behalf to fight for rural America, before it becomes lesser America. Get involved, and don’t let another rural “metropolis” become a ghost town.
(If you want to join the Lakeside post office fight…send an email to me at I will forward them on to the USPS. The larger the folder the better chance we have of preserving our heritage!)


  1. When my revenues drop, I stop spending.

    You have the “internet” people think, but you can’t get meds, and what not through the email inbox. There is still a need for a mail delivery system in the country.

    Comment by Farmer77 — November 2, 2011 @ 5:32 pm

  2. Maybe its time to modernize the pony express? If your interested let me know.

    Comment by Farmer77 — November 2, 2011 @ 5:34 pm

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