October 3, 2011

Part 2-Bucking the System

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With age comes a little bit of wisdom. Case in point, I have a gelding that likes to buck. I use to just jump on and have a little fun with it, but the older I get, it’s not near as fun as it use to be. We have an understanding now. I’ll let him buck it out in the corrals before I get on, as long as he doesn’t tear down the fence. Once in a while his level of understanding has gone a little astray, but for the most part it has been a win/win situation. Yesterday we talked about “if it’s broke, fix it.” Today we are moving onto step #2 “bucking the system.”
I read a quote by Winston Churchill that struck home this morning; “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something in your life.” Now I’m not for everybody going out and trying to get a posse of enemies. It might have worked at the OK Corral, but like I said yesterday…”Times, they are a changing.” We are in an industry that I feel is feeling some of the crunch of the national political/economical turmoil, and how we handle that is going to mold the future not only for my generation, but the generations that followed.
NCBA CEO Forest Roberts visited the Cornhusker State this last week. I had the opportunity to sit in on a Q and A session in Alliance-located in the western side on the edge of the Nebraska Sandhills. I was impressed with the decorum of the individuals that attended the presentation. Even if they didn’t agree with the answer, or NCBA policy, they remained respectful. The report from the day before was not as encouraging. Evidently a couple of individuals got together and turned the meeting into a spectacle. Am I the only one out there that remembers we are all part of the same industry?? If you are going to voice an opinion let me give a couple of hints. First, keep emotion out of it. Second, do your homework, case in point on a policy that I co-introduced at our NC State Convention last December I had done over 3 months of research. Third, stick with the facts. Fourth, if something irritates you instead of stooping to that level, become a class act. Fifth, anyone can look like an idiot at a given time, try not to. Sixth, whether people agree or disagree, it’s hard to disrespect reason, and Seventh, if all else fails pull out the cattle prod.
If everyone followed the previously mentioned advice, maybe we could start bridging the gap. I’m NOT talking about the producer/consumer gap. I’m talking about the gap that I have the most concern with….the Beef Man to Beef Man gap. Let’s talk hypothetically.
John is head of a business that is not making money. John comes to talk to a group of cattlemen year after year looking for answers. John does not seem to be looking for his own answers. The group gets disgusted with the lack of answers, and comes up with their own. John gets mad. Other cattlemen that aren’t listening in on John’s meeting get upset, because this subject is taboo. Emotion gets involved, other people besides John and the cattlemen get involved and boy for awhile it was ugly. Then something happened. People became educated, they became informed, they got involved, they learned about the cattlemen and their staff/leadership, and that gap between “us” and “them” became smaller. The topic is still emotional to some, but reason is starting to prevail. Margaret Mead said it best; “never doubt that a small group of educated people can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”
I encourage every cattlemen or cattlewomen out there to “Buck the System” but remember one thing. Know your facts, be a class act, and if your gelding wants to take another spin around the corral, let him, because patience and intelligence prevails.

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  1. The cattle Industry is a very unique one isn’t it.

    Comment by Farmer77 — October 26, 2011 @ 7:40 am

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