July 6, 2011

Happy Fourth!

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We had a family invasion this week. Now I’m not a big television watcher, but I’m pretty sure that Hollywood would of made a lot more money if instead of the “Beverly Hillbillies” they had a show called the “Lakeside Greenhorns.”
I had a cousin-in-law from Texas that came to visit. One of the items on his “bucket list” was to work on a ranch. He definitely got that accomplished as he: moved cattle, set up portable AI facilities in soft sand, and somehow managed to rake hay into the biggest mound I have ever seen with a “v” rake. I actually got a full bale from his mound-it was amazing (maybe one should have been a little more concerned when the cousin-in-law said the last time he drove a tractor it was through a garage door!) It was just as comical to listen in on the Boss Man and my radio conversations.
Me: “Where’s the raker?”
Boss Man:”He’s up here following me.”
Me: “Why is he following you?”
Boss Man:”I have really no idea.”
Somehow we managed to get the alfalfa up, and the rake/tractor is still in working condition.
Family reunions are a great opportunity to close that producer/consumer gap. I have some young female second cousins that visit, all of which were raised in the city. It takes a little bit to break that barrier, but by the end of the visit; they are catching toads, wearing necklaces made out of cow teeth, and eating pods off of soapweeds. We always say we need to “tell our story” and “spread the word” sometimes its important to remember to start with our own family.
Which brings me to a point. Having “city folk” out here, makes a person think about the “proper” ways to run an operation. Are the management decisions we are making ones that we would be open to letting people that are not raised in our lifestyle see? Are we handling our cattle correctly? Is our equipment working right? Are we explaining all the intricacies of our operation that they can comprehend and share with their friends and families when they head back to the “big city?” There’s a lot of cameras flying around during the trip, and I would be embarrassed if the pictures that were shown were ones where we are yelling and screaming at cattle, using a hotshot excessively, or even having a calf fighting like crazy on the end of a rope while he’s been dragged to get branded and castrated.
I understand that for us its a lifestyle, but sometimes adjustment is a great thing, especially if its going to close the gap between “us and them.”
And that my friends is Jac’d Up!

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  1. Jaclyn-

    I really enjoy reading your posts. I was raised on a ranch in the Oklahoma Panhandle, and can relate to the experiences you share. We are being forced to sell our herd, due to the horrible drought in this area…no pasture…and the feed cost is just not efficient. Your ranch wouldn’t be looking to expand, would it? I hate to “solicite” on your blog, but we no longer have just 120 black angus pairs, they are truly members of our family. And its heart-breaking to take part of our family to the auction, not knowing where our “dear friends” might end up, but that’s what will be doing the next week or so. Just thought I’d give it a shot and ask if you or anyone you know of up there would be looking to add to their herd. These animals are not your average mama-cows, they are hand-raised, and practically tamed. I hope there’s more rainful in your area…

    Thanks for the great posts.


    Comment by farmerswife — July 18, 2011 @ 3:50 pm

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