April 19, 2011

Brain shrinkage

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A new study came out this week that determined Scientists at the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford, have discovered that going veggie could be bad for your brain – with those on a meat-free diet six times more likely to suffer brain shrinkage.  Now don’t get me wrong, I know people that are suffering brain shrinkage and its not due to being a vegetarian, but for anyone dealing with PETA or HSUS the results from this study should come as no surprise.

I’ve been pretty dang proud of the great state of Nebraska in the last couple months.  They have been invaded by the shrunken brained yahoos from D.C. (no I’m not talking about politicians….yet) and are putting up one heck of a fight.  When our own Governor says that “we’ll kick HSUS’ butt.,” I think we are definitely on the right side of the fence and the grass is not looking greener on the other side.  He hasn’t been alone: Hastings Chamber’s Board of Directors has passed a resolution expressing “strong opposition” to HSUS, the livestock industries are forming groups to prepare for battle, and my personal favorite; a Nebraska Cattlemen’s affiliate is raffling off a chute they won during a membership drive with the funds to be used strictly to fight HSUS (I did purchase a raffle ticket, and reached the conclusion that if I won the chute, I’d set it up at the Capital, and let people buy tickets to “catch and squeeze” Wayne Pacelle.)

We keep hearing we need to tell our story….so here’s mine for the day.

We are just starting calving season here at Wilson Ranch.  The Boss Man asked if I could run south to a pasture and check through the hills of a group of older cows that we were going to move one step closer to home.  He called me en-route and mentioned that there was a cow that was going back to search for her calf.  When I located the cow, she was milling around the calf that was born to early to survive.  I picked the calf up, laid him on the back of the four wheeler, and that cow followed me three miles through the hills to get home where we had a new calf waiting for her.  As our little funeral processional traveled through the hills, I couldn’t help but shed a tear over the persistence of that cow in staying with the four wheeler.   It was heart breaking but at the same time, it reassures that THIS is not a job, THIS is a lifestyle and everyday we get the great opportunity to experience scenes just like this one.  If our little shrunken head friends would wake up and eat the meat, they could possibly realize the same thing.  That my friends is “Jac’d Up.”

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