April 1, 2011

A tiger and a pig…

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Every once in a while in blog land, it is necessary to jump up on the soapbox.  Considering the only box I currently have available is the one my new commode came in (story to be told at a later date)…hopefully my stand won’t be a big flush.  I received an email today from a good friend.  The email showed pictures and told a story of a tiger in a California zoo that had given birth to premature triplets.  The triplets did not survive, and the mother’s health started to decline.  In an attempt to save the tiger, zookeepers wrapped baby piglets in tiger skin (I’m sure PETA has an issue with this) and tossed them into the tiger pen.  Fortunately for the zookeepers, this did not turn into the ”Big Pork Chop Debacle”, but the tiger adopted the piglets and raised them as if they were her own. 

Agriculture is a small community, and it is important for us to continue to remind ourselves to take the high road.  Sure there are instances where I’ve wanted to cuss, scream, throw things, and even take the hot shot to people that try to bring us down, but it takes a stronger person to focus on the positives.  We have only one life to live, and if that life is full of greediness, spectacles, and negativity; is it the best use for that one life?  I feel nothing but sympathy and sadness for those people/groups that operate that way.  

If you think it doesn’t hit home; think of the neighbor that holds a grudge, the CEO whose intent is to bring the comparable organization down, or even the person that is uneducated on your decisions, but refuses to educate themselves.  As agriculturists, we need to step away from the naysayer, put our best foot forward, and start acting like the synergists that we are.  We could learn a lot from that tiger that turned a negative into a learning opportunity for us all.

One final note, in my effort to walk the walk this week, I sent a gift to a great friend of mine that is going through a tough time and needed a “pick me up.”  Needless to say, I received a phone call that same day filled with laughter and a couple of four letter words.  My gift???  The tool every purebred Hereford breeder needs…..umbilical tape.  Now that my friends is ”Jac’d Up!”     

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