March 25, 2011

Start of an Era??

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It is the age of social media. I’m wondering if the blue-chip Silicon Valley yuppies thought their ideas would spread as fast as gossip at a beauty salon. I’m a firm believer in “getting the word” out, and what better way than from the comfort of the ranch office, complete with the sound of blowing wind, dog hair, and the indistinguishable spot on the pant leg that you are pretty sure you picked up from the feedlot, but refuse to perform the smell test on to make sure. I call it social media at its finest, though I doubt Jack Dorsey the founder of Twitter would agree. Speaking of Twitter, I do not “tweet” I’ve find it difficult to get past the mental block of packaged white chicken breasts and birdcalls, so instead I’m making up for it with this blog. With all that being said, welcome to “Jac’d Up.” I can’t guarantee that it is going to be social media at its finest, but it might break up the monotony of the day. So whether you are calving out three year old Hereford heifers, or needing a break from the GPS, television and beer cooler in the good farming tractor; look for updates that will hopefully be a little intelligent and a lot “I’m glad that wasn’t me.” Since the inaugural blog is now wrote, I’m going to go find the closest tall hill and make a couple of phone calls, ah, the joys of cell service in the boonies-now that my friends is “Jac’d Up.”

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