October 6, 2010

Demographically challenged

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I am demographically challenged. In some instances it is a great thing; such as when life’s stresses are overwhelming enough that you realize you have walked halfway down the sidewalk to work fully dressed … minus a pair of pants. On the other hand, the long distances it takes to travel anywhere are just used as an excuse.

With haying finalized, the biggest project on the list right now is cleaning and servicing the equipment (swather, hydra-swing, rake, two balers, bale accumulator and five tractors) for next year. The Uncle does manage the swather but then somehow ends up disappearing and leaves the remainder of the equipment to the Boss Man and myself. That’s when the excuses start.

Me: “I’m going to Louisville, Kentucky, this weekend to see my best friend in the Brain Injury Rehab center, if you start on the equipment that would be great.”

Boss Man (upon my return): “I had a couple of things to do this weekend, so if you want to start washing equipment, your Mom and I are going to Omaha to celebrate your brother’s birthday.”

Me (upon their return): “Sorry, I got stuck at the LEAD seminar a little longer than I thought so would you start on that.”


Boss Man (hacking and coughing): I think I picked up a bug in Omaha. How’s that baler coming along?”

Needless to say, the equipment did get done, and is ready to hook up and go next year. Coming up on the agenda: the cattle have been combined into three groups to get ready for weaning, which will start within the next week. Considering we are ahead of our normal yearly schedule, I’m itching to start tearing out and redoing some corrals. I love demo, but when it comes to digging the new holes … that’s when the excuses will start again.

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