September 8, 2010

Haying horrors

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My parents are amazing people, they lend support when necessary, give advice when asked for, never degrade, and have great morals and values that I can only hope to emulate. We agree on almost everything, well except for haying this last week.

The Boss Man and uncle decided it would be a great idea to swath around some lake beds and cut a hillside that was covered with sand-burs. Sure, I un-derstood the reasoning, but dealing with muskrat runs, anthills, go-pher mounds, sandburs, and extremely rough ground that is as tough on my body as it is the equipment, deserves comment. Needless to say I commented … for about three days actually.

The Boss Man got his way and we are now the proud owners of 50 sandbur round bales. I do have to say though I think it ended in a draw since my baler was at the main place; the Boss Man had to rake – in 100 degree heat – with a seat that bottomed out on every bump. I can only imagine the picture we made walking across the yard when we came in for lunch; me pulling stickers out of my hands, and the Boss Man waddling like a duck.

We shipped the last loads of yearling heifers, and are working on preparations for ranch invasion by mom’s side of the family over Labor Day. Coming up: haying, Husker football, LEAD seminar and chopping silage.

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