April 1, 2010

Jaclyn blonde moment

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One of the great parts of getting older is taking a step back and letting the younger whippersnappers do the work. I’m not sure if it’s a maturity thing or a laziness thing, but sometimes it works out in your favor.

Typical Jaclyn blonde moment this last week, hauling a load of breeding stock to Central City when I just happened to blow a trailer tire outside of Thedford. The blonde moment wasn’t the tire incident, but the discovery when I went to grab the trailer jack, blocks and tire wrench that I almost always carry in my pickup bed, that they weren’t there. In my scattered haste to get on the road that morning, I had decided to leave them at the shop.

After running countless scenarios through my head, I decided to make an executive decision and call a friend who I was suppose to meet for lunch in Thedford. Two new tires later and not a dirt spot on me, I continued down the road, and I didn’t have to twirl my hair around my finger once.

We spent a day at the background lot sorting for replacements. With close to 10 different factors being included in selection before the animal is even phenotyped, it makes for a tedious process. Fortunately I only sang the Jeopardy theme song once out loud while waiting on the uncle.

Coming up on the agenda: calving. We are starting to get a few but our nightcalver (aka mom) hasn’t started checking yet. The first and second calvers are brought into the lots by the house while the cows are checked morning and night in the pasture. Each calf is weighed, tagged, and banded (if needed) at that point. We are also planning on getting replacements Bangs vaccinated and yearling bulls tested before I take another load, this time to Amherst and Bertrand. I’m really hoping I can avoid the blonde moments this next trip.

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